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Vastu Of This Hotel

When you stay in a hotel Vastu is the Hotel is Very important. The effect of Vastu of the Hotel on you very active.
When we travel somewhere and we stay in hotel we never know whether there is any negative or positive energy exist. which can affect our body as well as our mind badly.

Dr Debashish Goswami best astrologer in Kolkata visited this hotels and look after the all Vastu aspect and he is very much impressed about the astrological construction of this hotel.He is very much happy with their construction and the interior and exterior design and the place where the hotel is situated . He said: when I visit visit in Puri I always prefer to stay in this hotel for recreation. So it is the the additional facilities of the hotel that best astrologer in Kolkata Dr Devashish Goswami certifited this as Vastu Oriented Hotel.